Smartphone battery life: Joe's Jeans launch jeans that will charge your iPhone

Clara Guibourg
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Here's a new way of charging your phone on the go (Source: Getty)

Tired of your phone’s battery dying on you halfway through your commute, leaving you to suffer through withdrawal symptoms all the way home to the safety of your charger?

Many hopeful companies have tried presenting solutions to this dilemma, from computer monitors that can charge your phone to new technology that makes your battery last longer in the first place.

But this American jeans company may have come up with the most stylish solution yet.

Joe’s Jeans have just launched a new style called #hello, which at first glance seem wholly unremarkable - except for its patent pending pockets, that come with a battery pack connected to a usb cord.

Just plug your phone in and charge on the go.

You might imagine jeans with a built-in phone battery to look oddly bulky and unappealing, but it has managed to keep them sleek enough to, well, fit in your pocket, by teaming up with a company that designs uniquely slim portable batteries.

The company’s founder Joe Dahan told InStyle magazine:

Most batteries are oddly shaped, heavy, and rather bulky, but we realized that this new slim, lightweight product opened the possibility for women to both carry and charge their phones in a discrete, yet stylish way.

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