This is why most people in the UK aren't happy with their sex life

Sarah Spickernell
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Adults feel pressure to have "incredible" sex (Source: Getty)
The majority of adults in the UK aren't over the moon about their sex lives, according to a new YouGov poll.
Out of 6,000 people questioned, only 45 per cent said they were either “fairly satisfied” or “very satisfied”. On top of that, 51 per cent said they had not had sex in the last month.
Sex charity Relate, which gave more than 20,000 sessions of sex therapy last year, said part of the problem was that people often put too much pressure on themselves to have “amazing” sex. This, they argue, causes some people to avoid having it altogether.
Relate also said people complain of a lack of spontaneity in their sex lives, but warned they shouldn't put too much pressure on themselves as busy lifestyles usually don't allow for anything other than planned intimacy.
As a piece of advice to parents, it said they should not be too shy about kissing and cuddling in front of their children, as this can actually help reassure them and make them feel more secure.
Cate Campbell, a psychosexual therapist at Relate, said:
It’s sad that so few people are sexually satisfied and put pressure on themselves to perform. Noticing what is going well, rather than dwelling on problems, is quite difficult when we’re all bombarded with messages about how sex ‘ought’ to be.
Sex definitely doesn’t have to be disappointing – there’s plenty that can turn your situation around so you can enjoy a sustained, fulfilling sex life.
What constitutes a satisfying sex life can vary wildly from one person to the next, so working out what makes you tick is a great starting point. People may feel concerned if they haven’t had sex in the past month but there are plenty of other ways to be sexy that don’t involve full intercourse.

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