Customer service, IT and sales: Companies are desperate to hire people in these seven roles in the second half of 2015

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Looking for a job? Customer service staff are the most sought-after (Source: Getty)

The number of UK businesses looking to hire full time, permanent staff over the next six months is a healthy-looking 45 per cent, new research has shown - suggesting UK employers are feeling cautiously optimistic about the immediate future.

But what are the roles companies need the most? The research, on behalf of, found 28 per cent of businesses are desperate for customer service workers, while 22 per cent need to add to their IT department and 20 per cent will be looking for sales people.

Half of employers said their current employees are likely to get a pay rise at some point in the second half of the year, while 26 per cent said they're expecting to increase salaries by five per cent or more. Another 41 per cent added that they're planning to hike starting salaries.

Seven hot areas for hiring

1. Customer service - 28%

2. Information Technology - 22%

3. Sales - 20%

4. Production - 20%

5. Human Resources - 17%

6. Accounting/Finance - 15%

7. Marketing - 8%

Scott Helmes, managing director of CareerBuilder, said employers were practicing "cautious optimism".

"While they may not be hiring at the pace they have in previous years, they are continuing to add head count in several areas in order to remain competitive in a slower market."

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