Lewis hopes to recover from his bad hair day

Lewis Hamilton makes ‘daring fashion choices’ – exhibit A

OWING his chaotic drive at the Hungarian Grand Prix, we expect Lewis Hamilton is getting his head down to train hard during the mid-season break. But some folks have been paying more attention to his head than the next race. Since the grand reveal of Hamilton’s interesting braids, the bookies are offering odds on what hairstyle he’ll go for next. Betway’s favourite is the short back and sides – in pole position at 1/2 – but London’s top hairdressers think cornrows are bang on trend.

Lee Radley, a top boss at Nicky Clarke’s iconic Mayfair salon, says that Lewis will probably keep his cornrows for the Belgian Grand Prix on 21 August, as sources close to the racing star believe he’s trying to grow his hair out. Betway’s Alan Alger thinks differently, saying Hamilton “has gone with a few daring fashion choices recently, but I can’t see the new braided hairstyle being one that sticks. It will surely be far too uncomfortable underneath the helmet.” Who ever said fashion was painless?

At the moment, Betway are offering a less promising 5/1 on cornrows, with the wildcard being a mullet at 1,000/1. Also in the running are a stylish top-knot at 250/1, a cute alice-band at 500/1, and a Mohawk at a generous 16/1. How stylish…