Yougov poll shows majority of Germans, Britons, French still back Grexit despite bailout deal

Clara Guibourg
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42 per cent of Britons want Greece to leave the Eurozone (Source: Getty)

Although Eurozone leaders managed to agree on a bailout deal and avoid the urgent risk of Greece leaving the euro, public opinion has yet to recover from the political turmoil, as a new Yougov poll shows a majority wanting the country to leave the Eurozone across several EU countries.

The question asked in the poll was “Would you prefer Greece to leave or stay part of the Eurozone?” and although Germans unsurprisingly feel most negative towards Greece, a majority in all countries polled disapproved of the recent bailout deal, and would prefer the debt-ridden country to leave the common currency.

Most also remain convinced that this is the most likely outcome, at least in the long term, with Britons finding it least likely that Greece will remain part of the Eurozone.

Although a majority believe the country is likely to remain for at least the next six months, five years down the line seems to be a different matter entirely.

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