Canary Wharf will rock you in tribute to Queen’s greatest hits

Get ready to sing your hearts out to Bohemian Rhapsody in Canada Square tonight
CANARY Wharfers may have already been to a few events in Canada Square this summer, as the poor souls who’ve been stuck in the office all summer have been treated to a month of concerts – part of the finance hub’s Twilight Delights festival.

Tonight, fans of classic 70s and 80s rock will be treated to a tribute to Queen’s greatest hits.

There was a packed crowd at last week’s act, so residents in the Wharf are advising Queen lovers to get there early, as this could attract thousands of office workers. Stars from the West End production We Will Rock You will descend on the financial village to perform the band’s hits, from Bo­hemian Rhapsody to I Want to Break Free.

Whether you’re a Freddie fan or not, this has got to be better than the ready meal waiting at home. All together now: We will, we will rock you!

■ While the Bank of England’s interest rate team haven’t slept in days in the run-up to “Super Thursday”, what are ex-Bank employees getting up to at the weekend? Well, on Sunday they headed to Andrew Sentance’s country pile in south Essex, where the former BoE official, now at PwC, was celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary to wife Anne. Around 100 guests gathered to join the happy couple, including former monetary policy committee member Kate Barker and Bath Building Society’s Dick Jenkins. Those who’ve met Sentance know that he loves his music – and the City boss celebrated in style, performing on the main stage (yes, there was a main stage) with Mrs Sentance. Sentance’s own band, Rock in the City, were the headline act, playing Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and the Jimi Hendrix classic Purple Haze. Sentance, officially the City’s coolest dad, said: “Everyone went away musically and physically refreshed!” Congrats, Andrew. Here’s to the next 30 years!

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