British investment in the US continues to rise, boosting jobs across all states

Sarah Spickernell
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New York is one of the US's biggest recipients of UK investment (Source: Getty)
The UK is the US's number one foreign investor, now accounting for almost a fifth of total funding pumped into the country.
According to the most recent figures released by the CBI, Britain invested $519bn (£332bn) during 2013, which was $200bn more than any other country put in. It was also 19 per cent of the $2.8trn invested in the US overall – a slight increase from 18 per cent the year before.
Across the whole country, UK investment supports one million jobs, and manufacturing is the sector that receives the biggest boost.
All the states of America benefited from the input to some degree, but the ones that have had most jobs kept or created as a result are New York, California and Texas.

Two-way growth

The business relationship between the two countries has been growing in both directions – the UK also receives huge quantities of exports from America.
In 2014, these exports equalled $118bn in value, making the US America's fourth largest export market. This is a rise from 2013, when it was the fifth biggest destination for US goods. It also puts the UK way ahead of any other country in the EU.
Of all states, New York accounted for the biggest proportion of exports to the UK – last year it shipped $6.2bn worth of goods, which was $1.2bn higher than the year before.
Simon Moore, international director of CBI, said:
The strength and vitality of the economic ties that bind the United Kingdom and the United States together continue to forge ahead, driving prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.
These figures show just how close the commercial relationship between our two nations is. Whether it be Britain’s continued position as the largest foreign investor in the US or the fact that British firms support nearly a million American jobs, the UK is clearly well ahead of the pack.

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