Odd Shares Awards nominees

Edith Hancock
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NOMINATIONS have just opened for this year’s annual Shares Awards, and some of the nominees may already raise a few eyebrows.

Last month, customers were up in arms after several banks failed to sign on to mobile payment system Apple Pay, despite many believing that some, such as HSBC, were meant to be launch partners.

But nominators have apparently put the past behind them when it comes to HSBC, Lloyds Bank and Barclays’ failure to keep clients up to speed with Apple Pay, as all three have at least one branch in the running.

On the other hand, lessons may have been learnt, as none of those banks has turned up so far in the mobile trading category. Oops.

■ It was a pretty wholesome weekend in the capital, as roads were closed for two-day cycling festival Ride London. Although many thoroughly enjoyed the lack of pollution and party vibe, lots of motorists found themselves trapped in the city. One tweeter said it was “like the apocalypse. But with bikes”. Even TfL didn’t know what to say to comfort motorists. When London-based actress Susan Harrison tweeted them to ask the best main route out of the city, the response was: “It’s pretty busy everywhere. There’s no good way to go.” Well that’s just great, thanks.