A high end estate agent is trying to entice the super rich to Mayfair with a vintage style travel poster

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Less than half of Mayfair's residents were born in the UK (Source: Pullman Editions)
Mayfair is now up there with Gstaad, St Moritz and Monaco as a favourite playground among the world's super-rich.
And how better to keep them flocking to London's most expensive neighbourhood than with an art deco travel poster? Wetherell, an estate agents dealing with “Mayfair's finest properties”, has created a 1920s-style vintage advert which aims to encourage even more multi-millionaires to buy in the area.
The poster, created jointly with publishing firm Pullman Editions, matches those that already exist for well-established hotspots among the extremely wealthy, as shown below.

Hardly any Londoners left

Mayfair has become so popular among billionaires and millionaires internationally that hardly any current property owners actually comes from London.
A report by Wetherell called “who lives in Mayfair” shows that 60 per cent of residents are now below the age of 44, and that over 60 per cent were not born in the UK – an increase from 49 per cent in 2001.
Hailing from 42 different nations, Mayfair's international population is made up mostly of people from Qatar, Kuwait, Nigeria, India, Russia, France, Italy, the UAE and Saudi Arabia
Peter Wetherell, chief executive of the estate agents, described Mayfair as a “resort-village” for affluent young 20 and 30-something residents from around the world.
The findings from the report demonstrate that Mayfair has become a global-oasis for young people, and a “twin” of destinations like Monaco, St. Tropez and Miami, which are the other hubs where the world’s wealthy elite choose to relax and enjoy their leisure time.

In posters: Super-rich hotspots

Gstaad in Switzerland is a favourite for super-rich skiers (Source: Pullman Editions)

Marbella in southern Spain is a number one destination during the summer months (Source: Pullman Editions)

Millionaires flock to Monaco for the Grand Prix each year (Source: Pullman Editions)

St Moritz is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world (Source: Pullman Editions)

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