London Underground Tube delays worst on Central, Jubilee and Northern lines

Clara Guibourg
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Central Line commuters suffered through 5,535 delays over the past year (Source: Getty)

Bad news for Central Line commuters: If you feel like you’re always stuck waiting for late Tubes, it’s not just in your head. The Central line has by far the most delays of any London Underground line.

London commuters have been delayed by 28,371 incidents over the past year, a Freedom of Information request filed by City A.M. revealed.

With 5,535 delays, the Central line topped the list, far outstripping the second and third-worst offenders, the Jubilee and Northern lines.

The figures represent all incidents causing an unplanned delay of two or more minutes.

Delays are an unwelcome but all too familiar part of Londoners’ commutes, and we’re losing nearly 2m hours to Tube delays, every single month.

Still, the good news is overall punctuality has improved over the past five years, as the number of delays reported has gone down.

A TfL spokesperson told City A.M. that the company was “on track” for meeting mayor Boris Johnson’s commitment to a 30 per cent cut in delays between 2010 and the end of 2015.

This downward trend in delays is the result of London Underground making reliability, alongside safety, its top priority. And when problems occur, we respond faster.

The emergency vehicles we use to attend incidents now use ‘blue lights’ and sirens, allowing us to cut through traffic to get to incident locations and make repairs more quickly. This is halving response times to major Tube incidents.

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