ING Netherlands bank uses voice biometrics to allow customers to log in to online banking using just their voice

Clara Guibourg
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Mobile banking
"My voice is my password" (Source: Getty)

Online banking can be a chore, largely thanks to the process of remembering complicated pin codes, secret questions or passwords. Shouldn't there be an easier way?

If you live in the Netherlands, there is, after a bank in the country introduced a system which allows customers to log into online banking using just their voice.

Using a technology called voice biometrics, lucky customers of ING Netherlands can use their voice to log in through their banking app, check their balance and transfer money.

Jeroen Losekoost, internet and mobile marketing manager at ING, commented that voice-activated payments are more secure - and more convenient:

Thanks in part to the inclusion of biometric applications, we are able to make banking faster, smoother and easier for our customers and improve access.

No passwords required, which is probably for the best, considering how strangely committed we all are to choosing awful passwords.

After all, the world’s most common password is (still) 123456.

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