Osborne says France and UK can strike deal

Lauren Fedor
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CHANCELLOR George Osborne said that he was met with a “lot of goodwill” and a “willingness to engage” on the government’s renegotiation efforts with the EU following two days of meetings with top French officials.

“I’m confident we can get a good deal,” Osborne said yesterday, adding: “That can create a win-win situation.”

French economy minister Emmanuel Macron echoed Osborne, saying: “We need a win-win approach.”

A French government spokesperson told City A.M. that in a one-on-one meeting in Paris, Osborne and Macron emphasised that France and the UK “share a lot of common ground”.

The optimism came in sharp contrast to Macron’s earlier comments.

Just last month, he said that David Cameron could not create a “EU a la carte” and accused him of “dismantling” the EU.