Lord Sewel joins 'wannabe wolves' Tom Osborne and Paul Flowers amid cocaine allegations

Edith Hancock
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Is it just us, or are powerful people getting complacent when it comes to excess? This weekend video footage emerged of cross-bench peer Lord Sewel appearing to drink champagne, snort some powder and make merry with two ladies of questionable repute.
Sewel’s sad soiree comes almost exactly one month after a young City worker’s love of a good time also landed him in hot water. Back in June, then-BMC worker and ex-private school alumnus Tom Osborne was filmed seeming to help himself to a bag of white stuff in front of Northern line passengers. The 23-year-old was swiftly arrested and presumably grounded by his parents.
At least former Co-operative chief Paul Flowers had a little bit of imagination. In 2013 the board chief and devout methodist was caught out for a string of vices including possession of crystal meth, orgies, prostitutes and, of course, cocaine. Come on boys, settle down – you can’t all be like Leo.

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