Smartphone battery life: Samsung has developed the first computer monitor that charges your phone wirelessly

Clara Guibourg
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Less clutter with wireless charging (Source: Samsung)

Forgotten your phone charger again? Smartphones with irritatingly short battery life mean we’re often forced to stare helplessly as the power dwindles over the course of a single working day.

But help might be on the way - in the form of a new computer screen.

Samsung has developed a desktop monitor, which at first glance seems like nothing out of the ordinary. But under the cover it has a very useful feature: built-in wireless charging.

Just lean your phone against the computer screen and see it come back to life. The base of the monitor stand has been transformed into a Qi wireless charging station.

Samsung's senior vice president of visual display business, Seok-gi Kim, said the monitor would help us declutter our desks:

Our customers increasingly rely on mobile devices to obtain information and interact with others; so by doing away with the clutter on their desks, we are helping them use their mobile devices in a smarter way.

There’s only one catch: your phone has to support wireless charging for this to work. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 does this, as does LG’s G3.

The monitors are expected to hit stores later this year. Will the concept spread to other manufacturers? We’ll have to wait and see.

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