UK weather: More rain and cold wind expected across the country next week

Sarah Spickernell
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Friday was the coldest day of the month so far (Source: Getty)
It won't feel much like summer in the UK over the next few days – the rain that's been drenching us for most of the weekend is expected to continue until Tuesday at least.
This weekend has been a particularly cold and wet for July, with a month worth of rain falling in some parts of the UK on Friday. There was a brief respite from the bad weather on Saturday, but today more cold gales have been coming over from Scandinavia.
On Monday and Tuesday there is expected to be some improvement from the weekend's dismal conditions, but not a full return to the sunny skies we are used to at this time of the year according to the Met Office.
Tomorrow, temperatures are expected to rise a few degrees from today, but they will still be down at 14 degrees in some parts of the south and 12 degrees further north. In London, the temperature will fall to 17 degrees at its coldest, with showers sue to fall in the evening.
Later in the week, there's no guarantee of blue skies reappearing. In London, the Met Office thinks rainy spells could still be taking place on Thursday.

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