Greek bailout talks delayed amid security concerns

Jessica Morris
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Tspiras has managed to get two packages of bailout reforms through the Greek parliament (Source: Getty)

Talks on a third bailout deal for Greece failed to start after international creditors said they hadn't found a location which could provide the necessary security.

Greek officials had said the talks to secure a new bailout deal worth up to €86bn (£60.8bn) would start today, however they were delayed thanks to concerns there wasn't enough security given the sensitivity of the talks and the Greek people's aversion to its "troika" of creditors - the European Union, the European Central Bank and the IMF.

"There are some logistical issues to solve, notably security-wise," a European Commission official told Reuters.

"Several options are on the table."

Prime minister Alexis Tspiras has managed to push two packages of bailout reforms through the Greek parliament, a prerequisite for starting formal negotiations to unlock the aid programme.

The new legislation includes a streamlined VAT system, measures to make pensions more sustainable and an overhaul of the justice system.

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