Never mind classical music, here’s the CEO

Edith Hancock
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WHEN you think of top City bosses, you might associate them with the high-brow things in life. Fine wines, theatre and Radio 3. Well, according to a study published by tech site Plos One, that’s all a farce.

Establishment bosses love nothing more than moshing out to the Sex Pistols and Guns n’ Roses.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that “systemisers” – those who think analytically and like identifying patterns – prefer intense, complicated music types, opting for songs such as Metallica’s Enter Sand­man or the Prodigy’s Omen.

By contrast, people who have an empathetic way of thinking are more likely to chose mellow, low-energy types of music, such as R&B softer rock and acoustic pieces. Does that mean chiefs and older city boys are pretending to like classical music to look fancy? Resident City rocker and senior PwC adviser Andrew Sentance told The Capitalist he didn’t find it surprising.

Sentance said: “It’s a generational thing. Back in the day you might have found more executives enjoying opera, but our generation grew up with rock music. All the senior economists and City people I know love rock.”

As the City is brimming with analytical minds, we’ve compiled a Spotify playlist for you to listen to while you slave away. Head to and get your mosh on while you work.

Paradise City anyone?

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