Whole of Europe wants Wladimir Klitschko beaten, says Tyson Fury

Ross McLean
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BRITAIN’S Tyson Fury insists he will have the support of an entire continent when he bids to strip world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko of his WBA, IBF and WBO titles in October.

Fury boasts a 24-0 career record and declared it his personal mission to rid boxing of such a “robotic” and “uncharismatic” competitor as Klitschko during their opening press conference in Dusseldorf yesterday. Klitschko, 39, is undefeated in 11 years as world champion and has won 53 of his 64 bouts by knockout, although 26-year-old Fury insists the Ukrainian is set to face a rare talent and one destined for the pinnacle of boxing.

“You’re boring and I want to get you out of the heavyweight division. Your jab and grab style means that surely all of Europe wants to see you get beaten and all of Europe and the rest of the world will see you get beaten,” said Fury. “You have about as much charisma as my underpants. I’m interested in all of them belts you’ve got. I’m interested in breaking your face in.

“I’m a unique fighter, one of a kind. There’s never been someone like me in history. A fighter like me only comes along every 1,000 years.”

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