Apple Watch sales “beat internal forecasts”, selling more than iPad or iPhone in its first quarter

Clara Guibourg
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Apple Watch was the first major product launch of Apple's Tim Cook era (Source: Getty)

As Apple released the first set of results from the tech giant to include Apple Watch sales, the one question everyone wanted answered was: How has the Apple Watch fared? A flop or a success for the company?

Curious investors were left to wonder, however, as Apple did not break out unit sales for its new smartwatch, but the company’s finance chief Luca Maestri appeased those concerned about its sales.

We beat our own internal expectations for the quarter.

We have sold more Apple Watches than we sold iPhones and iPads when they were launched.

What does this mean for the first major product launch of the Tim Cook era? Although Apple remains coy about the exact number of units shipped, if it has matched the iPad's first quarter as Maestri claims, the Apple Watch will have sold at least 3.2m units in its first quarter,

Glum analysts had hinted at disappointing sales, with a report from Slice Intelligence suggesting online sales were flatlining after a buoyant launch, down 90 per cent after the first week.

Still, it’s clear that predicting the Watch’s success has proved difficult, as analysts’ forecasts have ranged wildly between 2.85m and 5.7m, averaging about 4.07m units, according to Fortune.

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