Chancellor George Osborne told to “sit down man” by speaker John Bercow

James Nickerson
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Chancellor George Osborne was already looking at a fairly stressful day, given he's being grilled by the Treasury Select Committee about the Budget and the spending review he announced earlier in the day.

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What he probably didn't expect was to be put in his place by a fellow Conservative - speaker of the House, John Bercow.

The chancellor was ordered to "sit down" three minutes into answering questions about the economy, after a question by Labour MP Barry Sheerman, who suggested the Conservatives were heading back to the 1980s.

“Unfortunately the sensible voices of the old intake are being drowned by the new intake,” complained Osborne.

This was followed by outrage from Bercow, who shouted:

“Chancellor, sit down man. I told you to sit down, sit down.” Apparently, Osborne was taking too long to answer the question.

If only Bercow had the same power during Osborne's 90-odd minute Budget speeches...

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