French bull run enters 10th day as Greek agreement lifts markets

Chris Papadopoullos
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The Cac 40 rose 0.35 per cent yesterday (Source: Getty)
French stocks climbed for the 10th consecutive day yesterday.

The Cac 40, a basket of stocks of the 40 biggest companies listed on the main Paris stock exchange, rose 0.35 per cent yesterday.

But since 7 July it has climbed 11.68 per cent.

A rise over the last 10 days during which markets were open has also been seen in other major European stock market indices such as the German Dax, the Spanish Ibex and the Italian FTSE MIB. However, the French Cac 40 is the only index which has made positive movements each day.

The start date of the French bull run coincides with the Greek government’s request for a new bailout deal.

While many interpreted the new deal as a capitulation by the Greek government, the plan has the potential to give the country partial relief from capital controls that were implemented at the end of June.

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