Queue jump app Charity Wait lets you skip the queue if you donate to charity

Clara Guibourg
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Queue-jump guilt-free (Source: Getty)

Waiting in a never-ending queue for a popular restaurant, it might feel tempting to slip the waiter some cash in return for a table.

But queuing has just got a little smarter.

Now you can queue-jump guilt-free, with an app that lets you donate money to a chosen charity - in exchange for being seated immediately.

The app is called Charity Wait and works at all restaurants connected to the Smartline digital waitlist system. As Smartline writes on its website:

It brings in their most generous guests and raises money and awareness for a charity of the restaurant’s choosing.

For now, the app only works with restaurants in the US. After choosing what charities they want to support, they simply hold a section of the restaurant for their more charitable patrons.

Those in the queue receive a text message asking whether they’d like to donate and be seated earlier. For those who accept, 60 per cent of the donation goes to charity, while Smartline pockets the rest.

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