What being a first, second or third born child actually means

Jessica Morris
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Birth order has no correlation with personality traits (Source: Getty)

If you're a second born child who thinks it's massively unfair that your older sibling is generally considered to be the most successful simply due to birth order, then here's some good news.

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A study published in the journal of research in personality has found the stereotypes we typically associate with first, second and third born children mean absolutely nothing.

'The analysis found ... that first-borns enjoy a one-IQ-point advantage over later-borns ... [and] the difference is statistically significant but meaningless," professor Rodica Damian who conducted the study said.

"In terms of personality traits and how you rate them, a 0.02 correlation doesn’t get you anything of note. You are not going to be able to see it with the naked eye. You’re not going to be able to sit two people down next to each other and see the differences between them. It’s not noticeable by anybody."

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So if you want to progress to the top of your profession, own your own company or simply excel in whatever area of life - don't let your birth order hold you back ...

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