Open 2015: Properties overlooking golf courses like St Andrew's command prices 140 per cent above local average

Open 2015: Course-side properties get more than just a pretty view (Source: Getty)
Properties next to golf courses are not only a winner for fans of the sport, but are good for their wallet too, with a premium price tag more than double that of nearby properties lacking fairway views.
Anyone looking to sell up their course-side home aside any of the nine spots to host The Open in recent years, can command a premium of 139 per cent, on average.
This year's host, St Andrews, commands just under that at 131 per cent. The average property in the local area goes for £310,000, while homes overlooking the course fetch more than £700,000, according to data from
People calling Royal Birkdale near Liverpool home can command the biggest premium however - a whopping 437 per cent on local property prices which come in at £188,658 while just off the fairway it's over the million pound mark.
Anyone dreaming of moving to a spot just off the green should look to St George's in Kent which has the smallest golf-side premium. It'll still set you back 55 per cent more than the average property in the town of Sandwich, or around £100,00 more, however.
See how much each host of The Open adds to surrounding property prices.

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