Boris banters in Twitter Q&A

Edith Hancock
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Thanks for the cash, Santander!
YOU WOULD have thought that by now politicians would have learnt to avoid Twitter Q&As. They just descend into silliness. Never one to let the fear of causing a scene deter him, Boris Johnson held his own yesterday and fought fire with fire.

Rather than ignoring some of the sillier questions, including “are you excited for the new Star Wars film?” and “if you weren’t called Boris would you prefer Norris, Morris or Doris?”, Bo Jo came back with some of his own City Hall-approved zingers.

Johnson revealed that he is in fact a massive Star Wars fan, counting among his prized possessions a “light saber from Count Dooku aka Christopher Lee”, and revealed that in Irish newspapers he goes under the pen name Doris. The Mayor also confessed the reason behind Santander’s sponsorship of London’s Boris Bikes: “Cos they gave us £55m”. Fair enough.

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