Government on the tourist trail with new regional funding plan

Caitlin Morrison
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Politicians are looking at ways to attract visitors to all parts of the UK, not just the capital
The Prime Minister will today announce the government’s new five point plan to boost tourism across the UK, with £15m funding available to the north and the south west of England.

A group of ministers from several departments, including the Home Office and the department for business, innovation and skills, led by culture secretary John Whittingdale, will focus on improving collaboration in the tourism sector.

The group will also look at skills and jobs, regulation, transport and giving tourists “an improved welcome” at the border.

In addition, £5m will be allocated to position the south west as a must-see destination and there is a £10m fund to help Northern destinations attract more international visitors.

The Prime Minister will also announce a new £1m Rail for Tourism competition in a bid to find ways of making exploring the UK by rail more attractive to tourists.

Whittingdale said: “Tourism is a vital industry that brings jobs and growth to local economies across Britain. I am delighted to chair this new group which will put tourism at the heart of government.”

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