Where are the cheapest and most expensive destinations for British travellers?

Probably tired of British winter weather, UK residents flocked abroad in the masses in the first quarter of 2015, with 23.2 million travellers heading overseas spending £13.7bn.

The most expensive destinations per visit included New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Barbados, while European countries closer to home proved to be far cheaper.

Those places that had the largest spend per night, however, included Iceland, Austria, Japan and the US.

People clearly had a taste for tapas and cheese, as Spain and France both attracted huge numbers of visits, accounting for 15 per cent and 14 per cent respectively.

This meant that France and Spain, along with the US, were the destination where Briton’s splurged most of their cash overall.

Where people spent more nights, they spent less per night. Compare Iceland, where the average nightly spend was £120 to Pakistan, where spend per night was £14.

Croatia, Luxembourg, Gibraltar and other eastern European countries were where Briton's spent the least overall, while Ireland and Denmark were where the least was spent per visit.

But aside from eastern Europe, British travellers wanting to get abroad for a cheap daily spend went to Pakistan and China.

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