Emoji quiz take two: Can you solve National Rail Enquiries' diabolically difficult train station emoji quiz?

Catherine Neilan
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This quiz might make you smile... but it might not (Source: Getty)
It's always the way. You wait an age for a commuter-themed emoji quiz and then two come along at once.
Hot on the heels of last week's London Underground emoji quiz (which we're still to find a convincing clean sweep of), National Rail Enquiries is having a go.
And it's safe to say this one is just as hard – not least because it's spread across the whole country.
Some of them are relatively straightforward (though we couldn't possibly comment) but others are looking pretty tough. Chicken pig flower anyone? Or angel karaoke shoe, shoe? And what about up, down, left, right, diagonal?
The quiz is below – feel free to let us know your answers in the comments. If you need some clues you can use National Rail Enquiries' list of stations.
Something to keep you from pulling your hair out on the commute home (or who knows, maybe it will be the straw that broke the camel's back)....

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