Spotify's musical map of the world: These are the most popular songs in London, Manchester, New York, Berlin, and every major city around the world

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CIty playlists show the most popular songs in that place
ondoners love Jamie xx while New Yorkers prefer the tunes of The Chainsmokers, and everyone loves a bit of hip hop.


That's the musical tastes of music fans around the world, based on their listening habits of more than 20bn tracks in more than 1,000 cities around the world.

Spotify has created a musical map of the world, taking the listening habits of millions of its users to compile a soundtrack for each city with the most popular songs.

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Each city has a playlist based on local's musical loves at that point in time and updated every two weeks to show who's listening to what in almost real time.

Check out what cities around the world are listening too right now.

And here's London's most popular songs, with London lad Jamie xx leading the way with four tracks in the top 20 - local artists are excessively popular in their hometowns after all, Spotify found, regardless of musical genre.

And here's what other cities are listening to around the UK. Simply click on the map above to find the full playlist and most popular songs of each city.

London - Jamie XX

Manchester - The Courteeners

Liverpool - Lawson

Leeds - Slaves

Dublin - Hermitage Green

Edinburgh - The View

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