Chinese exports rise 2.1 per cent after three months of decline

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China is the world's largest trader of goods (Source: Getty)

After three months of decline, exports in China have risen by 2.1 per cent in yuan-denominated terms compared with a year ago, shooting up to 1.17 trillion yuan (£121bn), data from the General Administration of Customs showed.

Exports also rose a modest 2.8 per cent in dollar denominated terms,.

However, the economy still continues to grapple with overcapacity and weakened external demand from Europe and the US.

Imports in the world’s second largest economy also fell for the eighth month in a row, dropping 6.1 per cent in dollar denominated terms, though performing well above forecasts.

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As a result, the country's trade surplus was pushed to 284.2bn yuan – 45 per cent higher on the year.

As the world’s largest trader of goods, a decline in exports has hampered China's economic growth.

The ongoing Greek debt crisis as well as weak demand, rising labour costs, and a stronger currency have all had an impact on trade, China’s General Administration of Customs said.

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