Sir Howard Davies finally takes up his role on RBS' board

Emma Haslett
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Davies will join the board a month after he was due to take up the role (Source: Getty)

It's happened: Sir Howard Davies, erstwhile chair of the Airports Commission who had to put off his appointment to the board of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to put out his final, controversial, report, will finally take up his position with immediate effect, the bank said this morning.

In a statement this morning RBS said Davies will join as a non-executive director now, taking up his role as chairman on 1 September, as originally planned.

Davies was forced to put off starting his new job last month, when his Airports Commission report - which will be heavily scrutinised for several months - was delayed.

He'll take the reins from Sir Philip Hampton, who took up the post of chairman at pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline in May.

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