Facebook is giving you more control over who you see in your news feed

Clara Guibourg
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Get rid of people you don't want to follow - and see more of your favourites (Source: Facebook)

There's a lot of clutter in Facebook’s news feed. But from that third cousin who won’t stop posting about her workouts to the ex-coworker who keeps posting political rants - you can’t quite unfriend them - but you definitely don’t want to get their updates. Now you can choose not to.

Facebook has just announced an update which expands its news feed preferences. The social network is launching a “see first” tool, allowing you to control who you want to see in your news feed.

Jacob Frantz, product manager at Facebook, wrote about the new tool in a blog post:

We know that ultimately you’re the only one who truly knows what is most meaningful to you and that is why we want to give you more ways to control what you see.

We've long been able to unfollow people without unfriending them - now you can also do the opposite, prioritising your favourite people. Their posts will always appear first.

Clicking on a profile picture of a page or a friend in news feed preferences gives them a blue star, and ensures they’re always top of your feed, above other posts published in regular order.

News feed preferences also makes it easier to unfollow people or groups. The new tool is available now on Apple iOS and is coming soon to Android and desktop.

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