Keep Greece flying: Ryanair offers Greek flights for €5

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The offer will run until the end of October (Source: Getty)

Never one to let a bandwagon trundle past un-jumped on, Ryanair has slashed prices by 30 per cent for routes to and from Greece, as part of a campaign to "Keep Greece Flying".

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The airline said prices on its Athens routes to and from Chania, Rhodes and Thessaloniki will drop to €4.99 (£3.60) until the end of October, while all international routes will be cut by a third.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given chief executive Michael O'Leary's branding of the Greek government as a "bunch of lunatics" yesterday, the airline also took the opportunity to have a jab at the country's leaders.

"Ryanair had offered to drop its Greek domestic fares to €0 for the next two weeks if the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and Athens airport dropped their development fees and airport fees to zero for this period, but the Greek government have declined this offer," it lamented.

Still, despite the sheer ingratitude of Greece's currently-penniless government, Ryanair bravely soldiered on.

"Greek consumers and visitors can rest assured that Ryanair remains committed to growing in Greece and we will continue to stimulate travel and tourism in Greece by working with our partners in the Greek airports and Greek Government at this time of economic crisis.” So magnanimous.

Don't forget, holiday fans: advice to those heading to Greece is to take all the euros you need, and more than one means of payments. We've got all the government's advice here.

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