Productivity startup Saent wants to make the internet less distracting

Clara Guibourg
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The startup wants us to "be less distracted" (Source: Saent)

We know, there are lots of interesting things to keep up with online. It’s easy to be distracted from your work, as a never-ending stream of Facebook messages and Twitter rants clamour for your attention.

New productivity startup Saent wants to make the internet less distracting - and you more productive.

Their idea will sound familiar from existing productivity apps: When switched on, the app simply blocks websites that have been deemed “unproductive”. Saent have gone one step further though, adding a physical button as a tangible reminder for us to stay focused.

Tap the bluetooth-enabled plastic button to start a “focused work session”, which you can set to last for 30, 50 or 90 minute blocks. This locks you into apps and websites that are productive for your work. The app tracks your progress through the session with an indicator light filling up, and to keep you incentivised, it collects productivity points that you can brag about to friends.

Saent think this is a better solution than trying to multitask and getting distracted:

“A lot of people think the solution is to multitask, but multitasking is actually a myth. Only 3% of people are actually capable of productive multitasking. The rest of us just do something called “task switching,” which leads to mistakes and poor quality work.”

Saent launched a kickstarter through Indiegogo yesterday, and have already raised 7 per cent of the company’s $100,000 goal.

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