This Inspector Gadget-style jacket could revolutionise your commute: The Baubax jacket being funded on Kickstarter is possibly the world's best travel jacket

Lynsey Barber
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The Baubax jacket makes commuting that little bit easier (Source: Getty)

Tangled headphones, awkward eye contact and a climate that's either way too hot, or way too cold, the daily commute is a minefield.

Now, there's an idea to solve all these problems - an Inspector Gadget-style jacket.

Somewhere to keep your iPad? Check.

a compartment to hold your headphones? Check

A pillow to rest your head after a long day at the office? Check.

And there are another 15 features designed to make your journey just that little bit more bearable, from in-built gloves and an eyemask, to pockets for portable chargers and sunglasses.

The Baubax travel jacket is being funded on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and has already captured people's imaginations, raising more than five times its target of $20,000 (around £13,000) in less than three days.

It comes in four different designs each for men and women - one of them a smarter looking blazer jacket just right for the office - and while they are only at prototype stage, they're already looking completely wearable.

The hoodie is available from $99, though supplies are running low already due to its popularity.

When the designers of the concept, husband and wife duo Hiral and Yoganshi Sanghavi, say it's the jacket you've always needed but never existed, we'd have to agree.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

With a shipping date of 15 November, this is one for the Christmas list, so you can look forward to a happier commute in 2016.

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