Greek debt crisis: Tsipras wants a "final exit" from the crisis

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Tsipras described tonight's emergency summit as "positive" (Source: Getty)

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said the country will seek a "final exit" from the crisis by submitting a reform-for-aid proposal by the end of the week.

"The discussion was held in a positive atmosphere. The process will be fast, it starts in the coming hours with the aim of concluding it by the end of the week, at the latest," he said at an an inpromptu press conference after tonight's emergency Eurozone summit.

"The Greek side will continue the effort, having the strong weapon of the Greek people's verdict ... the vast majority's will for a viable agreement to end the discussion [regarding a Grexit] and offer the prospect of finally exiting the crisis."

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Tsipras' comments come after European Council President Donald Tusk warned Greece has just five days to reach an agreement to stave off bankruptcy as well as the collapse of its banking sector.

"The stark reality is that only have five days to find the ultimate agreement," he said.

"Until now i avoided talking about deadlines, but tonight I have to say it loud and clear - the final deadline ends this week. All of us are responsible for the crisis, and all of us have a responsibility to resolve it."

Greece is now be working towards another emergency summit on Sunday involving all 28 EU members.

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