July Budget 2015: Odds on George Osborne to talk Greece, BBC, Long Term Economic Plan... and maybe some Balls

Lynsey Barber
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Osborne will likely conjure the magic words "Long Term Economic Plan" (Source: Getty)

Will George Osborne be talking Balls in the Budget? Ed Balls that it is.

The chancellor name-checking the ousted MP and former shadow chancellor in his Budget address is a 10/1 bet.

It's more likely Osborne will give a mention to #MinisterOfAwesome Yanis Varoufakis at 5/1, while Greece is the word topping the Budget buzzword bingo list, according to Ladbrokes.

"Greece is definitely the word for this budget, but we think a blue and white striped tie might be a step too far for the chancellor," said head of political odds Matthew Shaddick. The odds of Osborne donning a Greek inspired tie is 100/1.

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Blue is the most likely colour for the chancellor's attire, although in his Autumn Statement Osborne confounded the odds with a mysterious tie that left the bookie paying out on three different colours.

Osborne will speak for 55 minutes, bookies predict, taking three sips of water.

Here's the words you should be looking out for playing buzzword bingo in the first Tory Budget in 20 years.

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