Greek crisis: The 12 Twitter accounts you need to follow to make sense of this whole mess

Emma Haslett
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Alexis Tsipras is a frequent and impassioned Twitter user (Source: Getty)

Last night, the Greek people made their feelings known: they won't accept further austerity.

But what's going to happen next? And when will we find out? There's only one way to make sense of this whole mess - and that's in 140-character chunks. We've got the full cast of characters listed here.

In the Greek corner

1. Alexis Tsipras - @tsipras_eu

The Greek Prime Minister has been surprisingly vocal on Twitter throughout the negotiation process - and, handily, there's an English language version of his Twitter account. Follow Tsipras and you'll have a front-row seat for his frequent, impassioned rants.

2. Euclid Tsakalatos - @tsakalatos

At the time of writing, Tsakalatos was tipped to be handed the role of Greece's next finance minister - but even if he isn't given the job, he's an essential one to follow, dubbed "Greece's secret weapon" in negotiations. The only drawback? All his tweets are in Greek - so have Google Translate at the ready.

3. Yanis Varoufakis - @yanisvaroufakis

He may be out as finance minister, but don't expect outspoken economist Varoufakis to stop tweeting about the negotiations.

In the European corner

1. Jeroen Dijsselbloem - @J_Dijsselbloem

Don't be fooled by the mild-mannered appearance of the Dutch finance minister and president of the Eurogroup of Eurozone finance ministers. He's been known to take a hard line in negotiations - and can be just as hard on Twitter.

2. Margaritis Schinas - @MargSchinas

Alright, so tweets from the European Commission's chief spokesman aren't always easy to follow, given his habit of tweeting in several languages (including lots of Greek) - but he's got all the latest updates from inside the negotiations.

3. Pierre Moscovici - @pierremoscovici

The former French finance minister and European Commissioner for economic and financial affairs, taxation and customs is another one for the translation software, as he mainly tweets in French - but well worth following, if only for the awkward pre-summit photos of various European leaders...

The economists

1. Maxime Sbaihi - @MxSba

The Bloomberg economist describes himself as a "Frenchman in London", so brings a European perspective to his reflections.

2. Stephanie Kelton - @StephanieKelton

The US Senate Budget Committee's chief economist has maintained a light-hearted take on the situation over the past couple of days.

The analysts

1. Yannis Koutsomitis - @YanniKouts

Based between Athens, Berlin and Brussels, Koutsomitis has a unique take on the negotiations.

2. The Greek Analyst - @GreekAnalyst

This anonymous analyst has up-to-the minute updates, plus a Greek's eye view of what's happening

3. Brenda Kelly - @Brenda_Kelly

London Capital Group's head analyst will keep you up to date on the markets' reaction to gossip coming out of the talk.

4. Louise Cooper - @Louiseaileen70

The independent analyst will keep you up to date on what's going on - and what economists and analysts make of the situation.

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