What time will we find out the result of the Greek referendum? All the timings of today's vote

Jessica Morris
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Voting for the Greek referendum closed at 5pm (BST) today and the first smattering of results are pointing towards a "no" vote.

With 26.75 per cent of the vote counted, 60.59 per cent have voted "no" and 39.41 per cent have voted "yes". And so far not a single region has voted yes.

Polls released earlier today suggested that the final result would be incredibly close - nevertheless they did show that the "no" vote had taken an ever so slight lead.

For anyone who wants to follow this the Greek government has set up a live website which will update as the results trickle in and here's a list of the key timings below:

  • 5am (BST) - Polls open
  • 5pm (BST) - Polls close Shortly after
  • 5pm (BST) - First exit poll
  • 7pm (BST) - 20 per cent of votes counted
  • 9pm (BST) - 50 per cent of votes counted
  • 12am (BST) - 90 per cent of votes counted

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