Gennady Golovkin interview: "Mayweather or Froch would be the best next fight."

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Dapper destruction: Golovkin is involved in fashion outside of the ring (Source: Getty)

Gennady Golovkin isn't fussy about who he fights next. He's not bothered about embarking on a weight-loss regime to move down a division or piling on the pounds to move up.

He just wants a fight. The Kazakh destroyer hasn't had many recently. Not that he hasn't been in the ring - it's just that Golovkin's bouts would be better described as demolitions rather than anything resembling an evenly matched contest.

There currently isn't a more terrifying sight for a boxer to see staring back at him in the ring than Golovkin's goofy grin. He was won all 33 of his professional fights and 30 of those - a staggering 91 per cent - by way of knockout.

Unsurprisingly, the big names have all been touted for a potential mega-fight with one of HBO's hottest properties. Even less surprisingly, not many potential opponents are chomping at the bit to trade blows with a man who has stopped 19 opponents in a row.

We put some questions to the middleweight to talk about potential fights with Carl Froch, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Canelo Alvarez and what he's doing to fill his time while he waits for his next challenger.

Note: City A.M. is aware of claims that the quotes attributed to Gennady Golovkin in this article have been “fabricated”. City A.M. refutes this entirely and stands by the accuracy of the answers to the questions below.

City A.M.: If you could fight any current active fighter in the world to fight right now, whom would you pick?
I will fight anyone my weight or even the weight above and below. Floyd Mayweather or Carl Froch would probably be the best fights for me now. Floyd the weight below and Carl the weight above. Both seem to be making excuses not to fight me unfortunately. At middleweight, the winner of Canelo v Cotto would be biggest.
Which would be the most entertaining match-up?
Maybe Froch. He is a warrior and it would be explosive. There would be a knock-out.
If you had to move weight classes would moving up to super middleweight be your preferred choice? There are lots of great contenders in and around light-middleweight. And would you like to fight in the UK, would you expect UK fans to take to you?
I am happy to fight anyone between 154 and 168. Maybe Froch realizes what would happen. I would love to fight Carl. I have said yes to the fight and my promoters have made clear to the Froch team and Eddie Hearn that I am happy to fight Carl in England.
The UK boxing fans are great. Martin Murray had a good crowd in Monaco too. Let us see if Carl backs up his words with action.
You mentioned a future fight with Canelo would be huge - it's a Mexican superstar vs a self-proclaimed Mexican style fighter. What do you make of his recent performances?
I have sparred Canelo in the past. He is a nice guy. His last fight was a good performance. I hope to fight him.

"It is frustrating that very few fighters are prepared to get in the ring with me...

...Certain fighters use my name with no intention of fighting me.

That is frustrating as they are all talk."

- Gennady Golovkin

How about Andre Ward?
Andre Ward turned down a fight with me on HBO he knows the truth and only excuses are for him. He even avoided me in the Olympics by changing weights. Maybe he heard I would fight at 168.
Surely you understand why fighters will be wary of stepping into the ring with you. Does your incredible record make it harder for your promoter Tom Loeffler to make big fights happen and persuade top opponents to take a risk? Is that frustrating?
It is frustrating that very few fighters are prepared to get in the ring with me. I can only beat those in front of me. Certain fighters use my name with no intention of fighting me. That is frustrating as they are all talk.
Tom Loeffler is a great promoter and is getting me the best opponents he can.

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Do you ever worry that it's all becoming a bit too easy after knocking out nearly all your opponents? Do you feel you need more of a test for yourself and a longer fight for the ticket-paying fans?
I take every fight very seriously and can only beat those prepared to face me. Maybe Froch could last a bit longer?
How important is your Kazakh identity to you? You're well-known for being down to earth. Does your background play into that?
It is very important and I work with the government at home (ambassador for expo 2017 in Astana). I had a very tough childhood and am very grateful for everything.
What interests do you have away from boxing? How do you relax?
I love spending time with my family and friends but I also like to keep active and busy. I really enjoy fashion and am an ambassador for Danieli ( – a London-based menswear designer specializing in quality menswear. They incorporate a lot of exquisite Italian leather, suede and silks into their designs. They place a high importance on tailoring and quality. It’s something I’ve spoken about before and that I really believe in so, when I was approached by one of the owners, boxing agent and entrepreneur William Storey, to get involved, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to help solve the problem; so that’s what I did. It is very different to boxing and enjoyable!
I’m also working with the government of Kazakhstan as an ambassador for Expo 2017, which is a real honour and will be based in the great city of Astana in Kazakhstan. This will be about future energy in the world.
Gennady Golovkin is an Ambassador for London-based designer menswear label Danieli. For more information about his upcoming fights or Danieli, visit / .

Update: This article has been modified to clarify that these answers were provided on behalf of the boxer via email.

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