Reddit moderators close AMA and other popular subreddits after dismissal of key employee

Clara Guibourg
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Hundreds of Reddit's most popular communities are "going dark" (Source: Reddit)

Reddit, the self-styled “front page of the internet” is in chaos that has left many of its most popular communities locked down.

A growing number of subreddits, with millions of subscribers, have been left inaccessible as the communities’ moderators protest against the administration’s alleged abrupt dismissal of a key employee.

Late last night, news broke that Victoria Taylor, the public relations manager in charge of hugely popular “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) celebrity interview sessions had been unexpectedly let go, leaving her feeling “dazed”.

Following the news, AMA closed, with moderator Karmanaut describing Taylor as vital for the community’s operations.

“Today, we learned that Victoria was unexpectedly let go from her position with Reddit. We all had the rug ripped out from under us and feel betrayed.”

In protest against the dismissal, hundreds of other subreddits are now also “going dark”, closing down in solidarity.

On Ask Me Anything, Reddit users have been able to interview celebrities and other notable people that have included Hollywood stars, ex-mafia bosses and, yes, even US president Barack Obama.

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