Grexit: Major rallies planned in Greece ahead of Sunday's referendum

Catherine Neilan
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There will be even more protests this weekend (Source: Getty)
Supporters on both sides of the Greek referendum are planning rallies ahead of Sunday's vote, with the two sides almost neck-and-neck, according to polls.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras – who has spoken strongly in favour of the No vote – is expected to appear at a rally that will oppose the terms being offered by Greece's lenders.
A poll published in Ethnos newspaper on Friday suggested a slender lead for the Yes vote, at 44.8 per cent, with the No vote at 43.4 per cent.
But human rights body the Council of Europe has warned the referendum will "fall short of international standards" if held as planned, citing the short notice given to voters and the lack of clarity in the question to be put to voters.

The EU flag has been burned in some demonstrations already (Source: Getty)

Already there have been several protests against the demands being made by Greece's three lenders – the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Union – with the EU flag being burned in some demonstrations.
Emotions are running high, not least because people can't get their own money out of the banks. There is now thought to be just €500m cash reserves across Greece's major banks, and the daily withdrawal limit has been dropped from €60 to €50 - apparently because the €20 notes are running out.

There will be even more protests this weekend ahead of the referendum (Source: Getty)

However the referendum could fall short of international standards (Source: Getty)

Yesterday the IMF warned that Greece would need more than €50bn additional financing by the end of 2018, as well as doubling the time it has to pay its current loans back, to stay afloat.

If Greeks vote yes, their leaders will resign (Source: Getty)

But if they vote no, there will be no wiggle room with their creditors (Source: Getty)

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