Warm weather will continue across the UK this week, but beware the thunder and lightning

Sarah Spickernell
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Wednesday was the hottest day on record since 2003 (Source: Getty)
Following yesterday's record-breaking heat, the UK is set for more warm weather.
Across the country, the Met Office predicts there will be sunshine and high temperatures for the next few days. It's unlikely that it'll be as hot as Wednesday, however, which was the hottest day ever recorded in July.
Temperatures are expected to reach the mid to high 20s in London and the rest of Southern England, while further north they are expected to reach the high teens to low 20s.

Storms ahead

As often happens when the weather is hot, heavy thunderstorms and frequent lightning struck the UK last night. In some parts of the North East there were hail stones as big as golf balls.
But we haven't seen the last of it – more storms are expected to hit tonight and again on Friday night, carrying on into Saturday morning. The expected intensity of the storms on Friday has resulted in the Met Office issuing a yellow 'be aware' severe weather warning.

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