Computing, maths, finance and architecture and engineering: These industries are hiring the most graduates

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Grads favour office-based, creative jobs in sales, arts, design, media and education (Source: Getty)

Computing and maths, finance and architecture and engineering are the top three industries hiring the most grads, according to research by jobsite Indeed.

But it found a mismatch between this and the top three industries which grads want to enter - education, business management and then computing and math.

Industries hiring the most grads

1. Computing and maths

2. Finance

3. Architecture and engineering

4. Sales

5. Education, training and library

6. Life, physical and social science

7. Office and admin support

8. Art, design, entertainment, sports and media

9. Healthcare

Interestingly computing and maths, as well as architecture and engineering, were the only two Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects to be ranked in the top ten most desirable jobs.

And yet most grads remain none the wiser.

Under half of those surveyed said they'd researched the entry level jobs available in their market, but one in five said they didn't know how many entry level jobs were available in their chosen sector.

Additionally, a third have no idea if their sought after industry is even recruiting for entry level roles at all.

Top industries grads are hoping to enter after graduation

1. Education

2. Business management

3. Computing and maths

4. Finance

5. Architecture and engineering

6. Nursing

7. Marketing and PR

8. Psychology

9. Law

"With Britain facing an annual shortfall of around 40,000 Stem graduates, Indeed’s hiring data demonstrates a potential skills shortage in a key industry where growth and development are needed," Gerard Murnaghan, Emea sales vice president at Indeed, said.

"Recent research from Indeed reflects this point, indicating that younger generations favour office-based, creative jobs in sales, arts, design, media and education – worrying considering such roles don’t even make the top three hiring industries."

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