Which is the world's happiest country? Denmark, Iceland and Sweden top the list but the UK is above average - while Greece and Hungary come out bottom

Clara Guibourg
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Who's happiest? (Photo: Getty)

Britons are happier with their lives than Greeks or Hungarians, but not nearly as cheery as Danes.

An ONS report on national wellbeing asked respondents how happy they were with their lives. On average, UK adults gave their lives a 6.8 out of 10 rating - just above the OECD average.

Nordic countries ranked top alongside Switzerland, with a 7.5 rating, while Greece got the bottom spot with a 4.8 rating.

Chart: How satisfied are you with your life?

When asked how happy they were, 87 per cent of UK respondents reported that they were “completely, very or fairly” happy. Korea had the lowest proportion, with just 63 per cent of people reporting they were happy.

Greece registered the biggest drop in life satisfaction out of all OECD countries since 2007, falling nearly 30 per cent in the wake of recent years’ economic turmoil. The country now has the lowest life satisfaction of all OECD countries.

Meanwhile, Chile and Slovakia - two of the countries that have seen the biggest GDP growth over the past eight years - have also had the largest increase in life satisfaction.

Chart: Change in life satisfaction 2007-2014

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