Greek debt crisis referendum result: Paddy Power pays out on a Yes vote before Sunday poll

Lynsey Barber
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The bookie has made a payout ahead of Sunday's vote (Source: Getty)

Paddy has paid out on bets for a Yes vote in the Greek referendum due to be held on Sunday.

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The bookie said it has stumped up a five-figure sum to punters backing Greeks to vote for the new bailout offer on the table.

The chances of a result in favour of staying in the euro had dropped to 2/7, or an 80 per cent chance of a Yes vote.

“Our punters are on a roll calling elections the right way. Despite some polls suggesting it’s neck and neck, over the last few days we've seen enough to be convinced. In a race with two potential outcomes we’ve seen over 85 per cent of money go one way and that’s massive. If you’ve had a bet, it’s time to collect,” said Paddy Power.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has urged his people to vote against the new bailout deal terms, however, reports today suggest he may accept the new deal.

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