Hottest day of the year: Britons can't stand the heat when it goes above 28 degrees (that's eight degrees lower than it is today)

Catherine Neilan
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Seriously, it's hotter than the Sun right now (Source: Getty)
Today's heatwave will push temperatures several degrees above what Britons consider acceptably warm.
Today is expected to be the hottest day of the year, with the Met Office confirming temperatures rose as high as 36.7 degrees at Heathrow.
Despite spending the vast majority of the year complaining about the cold, it seems we're not that keen on the heat either.
A YouGov study found that the optimum temperature for the average Briton is in fact 21 degrees. By the time it gets to 28 degrees, we've decided it's too hot.

Conked out with the heat (Source: Getty)

We're definitely more comfortable further down the thermometer. On average we consider six degrees to be too cold – although Scots can take it down two more notches to four degrees. Londoners have a lower tolerance, however: their cold cut-off point is seven degrees.
In fact, while just 12 per cent of Londoners are comfortable with below-zero temperatures, a quarter of Scots said it was nae bother.
Although if commuters were asked today, I bet YouGov would find a higher proportion in favour of some snow.

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