Taxi protest shuts down more London roads as black cab drivers block TfL office over Uber regulation

Catherine Neilan
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Taxi protest: Today is just one of many protests at TfL's handling of Uber (Source: Getty)
It's becoming something of a familiar site: yet another taxi protest has brought London streets to a standstill.
Yet again the black cab drivers are protesting outside TfL's offices, meaning that areas around from Blackfriars Bridge, stretching as far as Waterloo, are jammed.
Cabbies are demonstrating against what they see as a lack of regulation (or at least, enforcement) regarding Uber and other private hire vehicles.
As some of these pictures show, the striking drivers appear to be making the most of the sunny weather. It's definitely not a bad day to switch off the engine and get outdoors.
This is an ongoing issue – one which transport union RMT is planning to take to parliamentary lobby on 14th July.
RMT said: “Plying for hire is why we do The Knowledge. It is the sole difference between taxis and private hire vehicles. Uber are illegaly plying for hire.”
The union is urging members to contact their MP requesting an early day motion on the matter.
Across the pond, taxi drivers in Miami are protesting against exactly the same thing, while in France anti-Uber protests have led to violence, with fights breaking out on the streets, as well as cars being turned over and set on fire.

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