Crowdfunding Greece: This Indiegogo Grexit bailout crowdfund has reached a six-figure sum

Catherine Neilan
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Could this crowdfunding campaign reach the €1.6bn required? (Source: Getty)
Sceptical of the power of people? Us too. But you can't help but be impressed by the fact this crowdfunding campaign to help Greece meet its debts has already reached a six-figure sum.
At 2pm on Tuesday the total raised had reached nearly €125, 000 from donations made by 7,743 people in just one day.
Launched by London-based marketing manager Thom Feeney, the fund has a long way to go of course – the total Greece needs to pay back to the IMF is €1.6bn. In percentage terms, it hasn't even got off the starting point.
But there are seven days left of the campaign (although technically the money was owed today), which has spawned the hashtag #crowdfundgreece.
And those donating receive delightful rewards. Who wouldn't like a postcard of the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (cost to you: €3) or a Greek feta and olive salad delivered to your door (€6)? If you're feeling more generous you can splash out on a Greek holiday for two (€5,000) – which one person has already bought – or “the gratitude from citizens of Europe and particularly the Greek people” (€1m).
And why not. To paraphrase one Twitter user today, wouldn't it make you smile if you could achieve in one week what Europe's leaders couldn't do in three years?
On his page, Feeny said: "I can understand why people might take it as a joke, but Crowdfunding can really help because it's just a case of getting on and doing it. I was fed up of the Greek crisis going round in circles, while politicians are dithering, this is affecting real people. While all the posturing is going on, then it's easy for the politicians to forget that. I just thought, sod it, I'll have a crack."

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