Wimbledon 2015: Tesco serves up tennis inspired signs at Wimbledon

Lynsey Barber
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Tesco will serve up 1,400 tonnes of strawberries this fortnight (Source: Lynsey Barber)
Tesco is getting into the Wimbledon spirit with a new sign on its shops near the famous tennis ground.
Tesco Metro stores in Wimbledon's SW19 postcode have had the "o" in Tesco replaced with a tennis ball for the tournament. Its store in Dunblane, Andy Murray's home town, has had the same treatment.
David Genower, store manager of the Wimbledon Metro, said: “With the British summer hotting up this week and the tennis starting, we’ve made sure our store has everything customers need. This includes offering great offers on products such as water, champagne and Pimms to strawberry and cream tastings in store. We’ve also really got into the spirit by changing the ‘O’ to a tennis ball on our store sign.”
The supermarket said it expected to serve up 1,400 tonnes of strawberries during the tournament (that's the weight of 24,000 tennis balls). It also reckons it's going to sell 21 bottles of Pimms every minute.
This isn't the first time supermarkets have got into the swing of things for Wimbledon fortnight.
Morrissons famously became Murrisons in 2013 and then Murriwins when Andy Murray triumphed.
The Tesco name doesn't quite lend itself to a similar moniker if the Scottish were to make it a second Wimbledon title this year though.

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